Print Resources

Tutorial: Introduction to Restorative Justice ~ Centre for Justice & Reconciliation

Circle Keepers Handbook ~ Kay Pranis

Circle Keepers Manual ~ Roca, Inc

Victim Offender Mediation Stories ~ Community Justice Initiatives of the Fraser Region

Restorative Justice Practices of Native American, First Nation and Other Indigenous People of North America ~ Restorative Practices eForum

Restorative Justice; A Report on the Relationship between Restorative Justice and Indigenous Legal Traditions in Canada; Restorative Justice: Getting fair outcomes for victims in Canada’s criminal justice system; Increasing the Use of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters in Canada; Restorative Justice: The Experiences of Victims and Survivors ~ Government of Canada

We Need to Talk Restorative Justice ~ Blu Buchanan

The Origins of Circles ~ Living Justice Press

Doing Justice, Healing Trauma: The Role of Restorative Justice in Peacebuilding ~ Howard Zehr

Using Nonviolent Communication Skills in the Restorative Justice Process ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg

The Big Book of Restorative Justice ~ Howard Zehr, Kay Pranis & Allan Macrae

What Could Restorative Justice Mean for Vancouver’s Court System? ~ Vancouver Magazine

Indigenous Native American Peacemaking Resources ~ National Indian Law Library

‘Will the Circle be Unbroken?’: Aboriginal Communities, Restorative Justice, and the Challenges of Conflict and Change ~ Jane Dickson-Gilmore & Carol La Prairie

Restorative Justice is Racial Justice ~ New Thinking

Neighborhoods Healed Through Restorative Justice ~ Marquette Law Scholarly Commons

To Set Right – Ho’oponopono: A Native Hawaiian Way of Peacemaking ~ Manu Meyer

Widening the Circle: Can Peacemaking Work Outside of Tribal Communities? ~ Robert V. Wolf

Examining the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Reducing Victims’ Post-Traumatic Stress ~ Alex Lloyd & Jo Borril

Talking Circles ~ First Nations Pedagogy Online

Shame, Anger, and Guilt: The Hierarchy of Emotions in Restorative Justice ~ Scot N. DuFour

Other Resources

Fritzi Horstman: Step Inside the Circle (E52) ~ A New and Ancient Story Podcast