What We Do

Conflict Resolution

We facilitate conversations at no charge to help restore relationships where conflict or crime has caused harm. We aim to support participants in developing meaningful responses to harmful actions.

Criminal – Cases are referred from within the Criminal Justice System, usually by the RCMP. We do not provide any legal services or advice. Our services can either be complementary or an alternative to the formal legal process.

Non-Criminal – Cases are referred by individuals or organizations and people can self-refer. Cases may  include neighbourhood disputes, interpersonal conflicts and more. We do not provide professional mediation services.


Restorative Justice/Community Justice – We train our volunteer Case Workers in a variety of Community Justice approaches, including Restorative Justice. When space and resources allow, these trainings are made available to the public for free or at low-cost. Case Worker training occurs one to two times per year, ranging from an intensive three-day session to weekly sessions over the course of six weeks. 

DEI Training – qCJ offers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(DEI)  training to the public. We are pleased to support Cross-Cultural Training from Tla’amin Nation, developed by Tla’amin Nation Justice Coordinator and RCMP Indigenous Policing Officer in cooperation with a variety of community members. Past training have included: anti-oppression, collaborative community building, blanket exercises, and more.

Diversity and Anti-Racism work

Diversity Initiatives – Each year we dedicate funds to Diversity-affirming initiatives in the community. Proposals are brought by community members to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. Members are then responsible for implementing funded proposals with the support of qCJ. Past projects have included sponsorship of the “What the +” Art Show at the Art Centre, the creation of the “Language Matters” article series in Powell River Living, the purchase of multilingual children’s storybooks at the Powell River Public Library, and support for “Imagine Powell River”, among others.

Anti-Racism – qCJ is a part of the ResilienceBC Anti-Racism Network, a group of organizations committed to identifying and challenging racism across BC. We do preventative work – like public education, training and media campaigns – as well as responding to incidents of racism and hate when they occur.