August 2020

Clarifying vision, purpose & process

Initial meetings take place at Lift HQ to discuss strategic planning as whole. Brainstorm session leads to initial process visual

Fall/Winter 2020

Scanning, Engagement, Generating Options

A core group (3 from Lift, 2 from qCJ) work together on planning the strategic planning process. 

January 2021

Visioning Sessions

Volunteers meet on Zoom for visioning sessions. Participants interview one another about values and hopes for the organization. The group shares important themes and create images of a preferred future.

Meeting Agenda

Important Themes

Interview Guide

March 2021

Strategic Planning Meeting – Possibility Statements

Break into Benchmarkers (best practices now) & Trendseekers (future impact) groups.

Possibility Statement: Conflict is an essential part of living in a community, harming others while working through conflict is not. If we are willing to collaborate respectfully, and take responsibility for our actions and words. Together we can achieve justice in our community.

Spring/Summer 2021

Environmental Scanning

Benchmarkers & Trendseekers research process.

Survey distributed to community & RCMP (for results: see October Strategic Planning Report).

Benchmarkers Final Report 

Trendseekers Final Report

RCMP Survey

October 2021

Strategic Planning Meeting @ ARC – Presenting Results of Environmental Scanning

Benchmarkers & Trendseekers present research. Opportunities – become a charity, human centered and adaptable process, strong suitability & prep stages, community safety, triage relationship, good referral lists.

Survey results – Community Priorities: mental health, reconciliation, substance use, DEI.

Scenario planning exercise – Community discussions, Youth Restorative Action

Strategic Planning Report

November 2021

Strategic Planning Meeting @ ARC – Organizational Priorities

Discussed organizational priorities for our Theory of Change.

Theory of Change

Spring 2022

Operational Planning

Develop Theory of Change, organizational model, operational planning and implementation, incorporation planning.

Operational Planning Timeline

Organizational Structure Visual

Strategic Goals Visual 

May/June 2022

Steering Discussions RE: Society Status 

Steering Committee review of what we have learned so far. Discussion surrounding pros and cons of becoming an independent society, still in partnership with Lift.

DRAFT qCJ Bylaws, May 2022

Letter to Steering Committee re: Society Status, June 2022

DRAFT qCJ Constitution, June 2022

DRAFT qCJ Bylaws, June 2022